Tuesday, June 28, 2011

treasure pony and terraria

Dearest friends!

This is a treasure pony. Don't see the treasure? LOOK AT HIS CHEST! Treasure chest!!1 get it? no?

Me and some of the office bros have been playing Terraria the last couple weeks. This is a tribute. (Also I practically traced this pose from someone else, but I can't remember who).

Also, I finally made a photoshop brush that looks something like a pencil. behold:

I left my sketchbook at work, but once i retrieve it I shall scan in some stuffs. Work is going great, family's doing good.

On a more personal note, and since some family and friends follow this blog expecting periodic updates on how we're doing, our little 3 year-old Max was just diagnosed with Autism, somewhere on the spectrum. He's always been a little behind, and has a strange savant ability with reading. So even though it hasn't come as a huge surprise to us, it's just relieving to put a name to his delays. He's really great and isn't a difficult child in the slightest.

AAAAnyways! be back in a couple days with more stuffs, hopefully!