Wednesday, February 17, 2010

this is.......

this is rafael, whom i painted in a brisk 30 minutes:this is paddy, doing what he does best:
don't even ask what these are:
this is a doggy:
this is a chair for the film:
this is a stone wall:
this is an unfinished painting where the referee is a small child:
this is a logo for the film:
this is a sculpted head that scares me:
this is a cat/kitten/elephant:
edit: i forgot. these are nintendo ds paintings:

any questions?


Joey Majdali said...

Are you guys going to have a child referee for reals? Because you should. Because that's awesome.

Worth Dayley said...

No, he's going to be Mario-Hitler.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Will he sound the same as he does in Punch-Out when he counts? Cuz that's awesome too.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great work! I like the chair.

Carlos Fins said...

Yes.. I have question.. why is parrot totem second? It should be first!!

JAKE WYATT said...

What do your totems have to do with the Others, Jacob, and the will if the island?

Raphael said...

I like that painting of Fidel, I told, just add an ak47 and its going to look like a guy from Call of Duty modern Warfare. I'm glad I didn't grow my beard, I would be confused with some kind of terrorist.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

This stuff is fantastic! The Butchered Meats concepts are looking spot-on, and that's definitely Rafael. Nice.

El Fro said...

"He's on fire!!"

Anthony Holden said...

Yeah--my question is how are you so good at so many things?
Also, if I eat your heart will I absorb your powers?
Also, if I DO eat you heart and get your powers will you please not tell anyone?
It is of the utmost importance that my vegetarian image remain in tact (the balance of the universe requires it).

That is all.